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The filtration system on its own cannot eliminate all the debris found in the water. Therefore, you need an additional cleaning system to ensure that your pool remains perfectly clean and that you will always have a pleasant swim. You have a choice of several technologies depending on the size of your pool, your availability and your budget.

Manual cleaning : debris is collected using a shrimp net or a suction cleaner. This is efficient and cost-effective but very tedious.

Suction cleaners : this type of cleaner is fitted to the skimmer or to the cleaner socket. It can travel over the pool in a random or programmed pattern to recover debris. The debris is routed straight to the filtration system’s filter. This tends to be a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Pressure cleaners : they use the force of the water to shift and suck up debris. Unlike the previous system, the debris is collected by the appliance and does not clog your filter. This extremely efficient system requires the installation of an auxiliary pump called a booster pump and this can be costly.

Robotic cleaners : working on a low voltage, they are risk-free and very easily maintained. A more or less sophisticated system allows them to cover the entire pool to suck up debris that is collected in bags or by filtration panels.

Warning: although all these systems help with pool cleaning, none is fully automatic: in all cases, somebody has to start them up.