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These pool water circulation parts form an integral part of the swimming pool and are not intended to be replaced at regular intervals. If any have to be replaced, this can result in disproportionate works and expense. Here again, this justifies in going for quality.

Of the three main types of pool water circulation parts, skimmers are essential Their purpose consists in skimming the surface of the water before it goes through the filter. Skimmers are subject to constant stress whether in their capacity as suction outlets or because they are exposed to sunlight and treatment products, without forgetting that we often tread on their capping.
Therefore, opt for properly compatible models but, above all, those that are the most resistant, especially to UV radiation. Don’t forget their appearance either: manufacturers have taken great pains to make them visually attractive which means that you now have a real choice in this field. Remember that they will be there for a long time…

The second most important pool water circulation parts, the lights, also require all your attention. To begin with, lighting is a matter of safety. It allows you to enjoy your swimming pool at night without taking any risks. In this respect, it is quite essential. But it is also an item of enhancement that will turn your swimming pool into a really magical place when the sun goes down. LED lighting gives you coloured effects and noticeably enhances your outdoor space. This new technology is also less electricity-hungry and has a longevity that is clearly greater than that of conventional lighting. It’s up to you to make the right choice.

Hydro massage nozzles
What better than releasing all the day’s stresses with a good swim and a spa massage in the bluish light of your pool: consider fitting hydro massage nozzles to your pool. These nozzles, which are effectively white goods, propel a mixture of air and water for maximum effect and minimum investment.