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Your pool environment

L'environnement de votre piscine

In an era where sustainable is a watchword, everybody wants to be as eco-friendly as possible. So, in terms of a swimming pool, what do we need to do? In order to reconcile responsible behaviour and the legitimate concern about only spending as much as you have to, several criteria apply when the times comes to buy equipment: price, quality and ecological performance.

Be aware of value for money. If you systematically choose the cheapest products, you will be opting for lower quality and, therefore, a shorter service life. Let’s not forget that, depending on the type of equipment involved, this approach could cost you dear. For instance, if you have a problem with a cheap skimmer, the small saving at the outset could result in huge costs at the end. In fact, you will have to break out the swimming pool wall to replace it. The same applies to all sealed equipment used in your swimming pool: the main drain, the lights etc. This reasoning is just as valid for easily replaceable items of equipment such as pumps and automated cleaners etc. Always go for guaranteed products with a manufacturer commitment. This will assure you of both their functional quality and their longevity.

« So, opting for quality products is not just a choice that is reasonable on financial grounds but it is also responsible behaviour. »

But what is the link between quality and respect for the environment? We need to remember that quality equipment is the outcome of thorough research work, that it complies with environmentally-friendly manufacturing standards, with precise energy criteria and with stringent technical specifications in terms of performance and nuisance, which explains its price. LED lights are a good illustration of the above: more expensive to buy, they cost a lot less to run and last much longer.

Don’t overlook the fact either that equipment in the lower end of the range that will have to be replaced 3 or 4 times more frequently than a quality product is more damaging to the environment. So, opting for quality products is not just a choice that is reasonable on financial grounds but it is also responsible behaviour.

Peace and luxury: our noise prevention recommendations

The environment is, first and foremost, our immediate surroundings! Of the various concerns that we have on this issue, there is one that affects us more than any other: noise. Noise is the main nuisance for 54% of the French. All studies have found that the stress we experience in our daily lives is proportional to the sound nuisances that affect us.

Because swimming pool is synonymous with relaxation, the issue of noise created by pool equipment deserves our full attention. Did you know that a + 3db difference is enough to double the sound level perceived? Although we cannot totally eliminate noise, we can significantly reduce it by carefully choosing our equipment and also by taking a few simple precautions.

The leading noise generating component, the filtration pump must always be installed on a solid plinth to avoid the sound box effect. Sitting it on silent blocs or damper pads will considerably lessen vibrations. Vibration propagation can further be limited by fitting the pipes with rubber sleeves. Finally, for eliminating noise in the pipes, we recommend avoiding tight bends and small diameter pipes on the system upstream from the pump.

The heat pump fan is another source of noise.

As the pump has to be installed in the open air, it is difficult to isolate it acoustically: preference should be given to installing it behind the pump room which will act as a screen and sufficiently distant from the wall so that sound is not bounced back.

Finally, although only intermittently, the automated pool cleaner can cause inconvenience. How do you make the right choice? Of the various skirt type suction automated cleaners, a diaphragm type model will always be less noisy than the hammer technology version. But by far the most discreet cleaning solution is the pulse-free turbine automated pool cleaner. Electric automated pool cleaners are also a good choice.

Whether you are dealing with tips on installation configuration and layout or the choice of technology, every detail counts if you want a pool that provides good acoustic performance. Make sure that you don’t neglect any of these issues. Your peace of mind is at stake!


Protecting the environment is not a new idea for Hayward®.

Launched in 2006, the Naturally Hayward® concept is the outcome of many years of experience in the design of quality swimming pool equipment. It prioritises the development of products that meet extremely stringent criteria in terms of energy, water and product consumption and also of longevity:
the longer a product lasts, the greater the spread of its ecological impact over time and the less waste is injected into recycling systems. All out products have been designed to consume less, to last longer and to be easily recycled while providing you with the best technology has to offer. That is the Naturally Hayward® approach.

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