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What do you want a pool for?

Une piscine pour quel usage

A swimming pool has three main uses: it can be a pleasure pool designed for recreation and relaxation for all the family, particularly the children, a sports pool or a "decorative" pool with the focus on a pleasing appearance, for example in a luxury setting, or on receiving guests.

The main intended use for your pool will specifically determine:

  • - the type of pool
  • - the size of the pool
  • - the shape, for example a sports pool can have a lengthwise swimming lane, or a recreational pool can have a round spa designed exclusively for relaxation, etc.
  • - the depth : shallow, deep, gradually increasing, etc.
  • - comfort fittings : a heat pump to keep the water at the right temperature, a pool shelter to make a covered pool and provide protection against the cold, allowing you to swim earlier and later in the season.
  • - special equipment : for example massage jets for a pool designed for relaxation, or swim jets for swimming against the current, etc.
  • pool area layout : pool house, canopy, barbecue, etc.


When designing your pool project, make sure of its intended orientation and bear in mind that the more your pool fulfils your desires, the more you will enjoy using it over the years.

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