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The pool layout

The pool layout

Pool deck

A pool is not just a basin of water; the deck is also instrumental to your well-being and the beauty of the setting: it should be carefully designed and laid out. Remember that the pool surround should be comfortable. It usually consists of slabs, tiles or a lawn. Think outdoor pool layout, think pool surround, think pool and garden, think pool decoration!

Pool equipment room

It is essential to make provision for building the pool equipment room where you can access the valves, filter, pump and other pool equipment. You should specifically plan to install it not too close to the pool, in order to avoid noise pollution if you have a heat pump.

Pool house, solar shower, canopy, barbecue ... a garden with a pool

You may also consider building a pool house here you can store deckchairs and other accessories, with enough space for changing and possibly a toilet. Nowadays, many people install a solar pool shower. Why not build a barbecue or a summer kitchen and perhaps a canopy to give you some shade?

Budgeting for a pool in your garden

When designing your project, budgetary considerations should not prevent you from looking to the future: allow enough room for future improvements (pool decoration, layout, outdoor tiles, shower, etc.), even if they are not relevant at the time. In fact, a pool will definitely increase the value of your home.

The pool
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