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Pool fundamentals

Pool fundamentals

Putting pleasure first

You are thinking of having a swimming pool built, or even building one yourself: this guide has been compiled to help you ask the right questions and make the right decisions to ensure that, at each stage, your swimming pool project becomes a reality under the best possible conditions.
Although your pool must first and foremost match what you have in mind, it must also comply with a certain number of mandatory criteria that will guarantee its attractiveness, safety and long service life.
Choosing the right location, determining the type of pool, opting for the best contractor to install it and selecting the right equipment are the requirements that must be considered before embarking on its construction.
Because the pool must always be a pleasure and as a swimmer forewarned is a swimmer forearmed, Hayward is now going to reveal the secrets of a successful pool project.

Why build a swimming pool?

A pool is both a place to relax and relieve stress after work and a paradise for children, encouraging their early development and healthy well-being; it is a place where different generations can get together and where family relationships are fostered. It is also a means of increasing the asset value of your property and its attractiveness, or realising the dream of a lifetime. Whatever your reasons, your swimming pool project is a major undertaking and you must be fully aware of all the relevant facts before embarking on it.

Pool budget issues

The budget is crucial, because it very largely determines your choices in terms of technical solutions, size and equipment, although it is not simply a matter of the amount of money you plan to allocate to your pool project. You must first strike a balance between the resources you have available and the distribution of budget items. While most of these items seem obvious, some are less so (pool heater, pool shutter cover, pool tarpaulin, etc.) and this guide enables you to consider everything, without forgetting anything and without the risk of laying yourself open to complicated excess costs: budgeting means planning for all eventualities.

The time factor for installing a swimming pool

It takes time to successfully complete a swimming pool project: time for initial consideration, time for development, time for prospecting and, finally, time for carrying out the work. Once you have made your decision, set yourself an operational schedule. So that you can bathe when the weather is at its best, it is advisable to start looking for your pool installer no later than early autumn and work out a clear plan with his help. The contract will then be signed in winter (December /January), with the work beginning in early spring. Bear in mind the fact that your installer can only deal with a limited number of projects at a time: think ahead to ensure the feasibility of your pool project in his schedule. Finally, remember that the weather plays a major part in building work, which is subject to its vagaries.

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