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How much does a pool cost?

How much does a pool cost?

Formerly a luxury product, swimming pools have now become widely accessible, with over a million owners in France, and more and more of us are considering buying one. The cost of a pool is however still a key issue and the deciding factor in your purchase.
We should not forget that your pool budget will be determined on the basis of your initial choices: type of pool, equipment, basin and pool area layout. The cost varies considerably from one type of pool to another: there is a significant difference between the price of concrete, shell and panel pools. The price of an in-ground pool cannot usually be compared with that of an above-ground pool. The following information will help you jump in at the deep end, in full knowledge of the cost of building a swimming pool.

Pool construction prices / pool budget

Prices* start at around €10,000 for a pool in kit form – also known as "ready-to-swim" solution – for a polyester shell pool or for a wooden semi in-ground pool, including a basin, a filtration system and a means of access (steps or ladder). As this price does not include a pool alarm, shelters, a roller shutter cover or bubble tarpaulin, these options will have to be added to your pool.

The average investment identified among owners ranges from €15,000 to €20,000, not including a safety system (fence, perimeter alarm, cover or shelter).

There is, of course, no upper limit to what you can spend if you are considering classic tailor-made pools, infinity pools, reflecting pools and other types of pools made of stainless steel, but this concerns only a minority of buyers.

*With the exception of above-ground swimming pools not directly concerned by our document, as they do not involve construction work and do not require a building permit.

Pool maintenance cost

The cost of using the pool must be added to the cost of construction.

As a pool uses a certain amount of equipment, the first expense to be considered is the electricity consumption. A French ADEME* study shows that the average consumption of a swimming pool is 1862 kW a year, costing around €240, which is actually not that much.

It is, however important to choose your equipment very carefully to avoid soaring electricity bills, especially the pump, as it uses more electricity than all the other equipment. Our recommendation: opt for a variable speed pump that can reduce your electricity bill by an average of 40%. The heat pump and lighting, which are not in constant use, represent quite a small part of the bill, although you must be careful not to leave them on unnecessarily.

For cleaning the pool, choose a robotic cleaner rather than one that needs a booster, which is more expensive to run and to install. Always insist on products that are recognised by professionals for their quality and long service life. Beware of overly attractive sales bargains or reductions on pool equipment or stock clearances !

*French Agency for the Environment and Energy Control.

Water is the other key element of your swimming pool. The average cost of filling an 80m3 pool is currently around €120. There is therefore no need to use untreated well water in the belief that you are saving money: you risk spending a fortune on anti-algae and other treatment products.

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