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Administrative considerations for having your pool built

Administrative considerations

Pool building regulations

Building a pool is governed by regulations. Find out from your local authority whether any special conditions apply in your area.
Generally, in France, a declaration of work is sufficient, but a building permit will be necessary if the pool size exceeds 100 m², the pool enclosure is more than 1.80 m high or the pump room is more than 20 m² (idem for the pool house).
You must also ascertain the permitted regulatory distance between the pool you intend to build and the boundary of your neighbour's property. Do not overlook swimming pool regulations.

Taxation of swimming pools

Because, in France, in-ground swimming pools are considered to be attached to the house, they affect the habitation and land taxes as they are considered to be a building and, therefore, rental value, improvement. An exemption from the land tax is possible for two years if an application is made within 90 days following completion of the work. You should consult your local tax office.
The improvements tax also applies, being payable once only on building. The median value of the tax is €8.5/m². Again, you should consult your local tax office to obtain all appropriate clarifications for your own situation.

Installation of a swimming pool security system

Since 1 January 2004, French law requires all owners of in-ground swimming pools to equip the pool with one of the four following safety systems:
- a swimming pool fence (complying with French standard NF P90-306), (also called a pool barrier)
- a swimming pool alarm (complying with French standards NF P90-307-1 and NF P90-307-2),
- a swimming pool cover (complying with French standard NF P90-308),
- a swimming pool enclosure (complying with French standard NF P90-309).

These items come at a cost that should be included in the budget.

Reminder: no security system, pool cover, enclosure or alarm can replace a person supervising the pool. Never leave children playing in the pool unsupervised, never delegate supervision to a child.

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