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A 100% pleasure pool

une piscine 100% plaisir

Gone are the days when owning a swimming pool meant repetitive and tiresome chores and maintenance that could sometimes involve heavy cleaning, almost permanent anxiety about the quality of water, not to mention the installation’s running costs.
In addition to being far more accessible, the modern swimming pool is a means of pure pleasure thanks to the ongoing development of its equipment.

The pleasure of a perfectly pure and fresh water

The advent on the market of wholly automated systems such as electrolysis has significantly reduced the constraints that used to affect the operation of a swimming pool. We can now guarantee that the water in our swimming pools is treated throughout the year without worrying about climate variations and changes in pH and we can achieve this at a reasonable cost. No longer any need to keep an eye on the water as if it were a saucepan of milk about to boil over…

The pleasure of pleasantly temperate water

The heat pumps used to heat the water in the pool have quite interesting energy ratings with a 4:1 ratio, that is to say that for every 1Kw consumed, they inject 4 into your pool. Very affordable, they also run more quietly: so many reasons for taking measures against autumnal chills and making the best use of the pool from the start to the end of the season.

« What could be nicer than a balmy summer evening
by the edge of a softly lit pool? »

The pleasure of simplified maintenance

The various automatic pool cleaners available on the market mean that we can take a very relaxed view of pool cleaning: these cleaners do everything so that we can enjoy an impeccable pool throughout the year.

Pleasing to the eye

A swimming pool has to be beautiful, too. Current items of equipment havde integrated this aspect into their specifications. For example, pleasantly designed colour skimmers will enhance your wellbeing. And lighting options have taken a great leap forward with the widespread use of LED lights and programmable colours: what could be nicer than a balmy summer evening by the edge of a softly lit pool?

The pleasure provided by automation

Many items of equipment are already programmable such as some pool cleaners and water treatment systems as well as some pumps and heat pumps. Progress achieved with intelligent home management systems leads us to anticipate that, in the near future, swimming pools will be wholly remote controlled for greater peace of mind on a daily basis…

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