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Kripsol, the specialist in the residential pool

On behalf of the Hayward® Ibérica team, we have the honour of presenting the Kripsol® 2018 catalogue of equipment for residential swimming pools, originating from the fusion of three market leaders.
Following the integration of Kripsol® Group and Sugar Valley® into the Hayward® Group organisation, our range of products is now more comprehensive, more up-to-date, and much more high-tech.

The process has taken almost two years to complete, during which time we have identifi ed the best aspects of each company, and spent time thinking about how to make improvements and better meet the needs of our customers. Innovation has been one of our guiding principles throughout this process. As a result, this catalogue contains products manufactured by us, which are designed to provide a reactive response to the increasingly discerning requirements of our customers. In particular, those requirements pertaining to residential pools.

This season we would like to highlight the release of the KLX Control System range onto the market, which allows pH, Redox, fi ltering and lighting to be controlled automatically. And adjusted using a mobile phone.

As well as the variable speed pumps KSX Pro and KS Evo 150 VS, that continue to hold pride of place amongst our high-fl yers for this year. And in addition to our wide range of domestic pool fi lters. All these products have been improved and are manufactured in Europe, guaranteeing good quality and great service, close to our clients.

But Kripsol, as a major brand within the Hayward group®, is not content to stop at this, and would like to continue advancing in all areas that will shape the pools of the future. A pool with a highly effi cient system in terms of energy and water consumption, but also integrating home automation to a greater extent. And we are going to continue working on this aspect.

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty over the last 30 years and to remind you that we look forward to seeing you all at the Piscine Global Europe trade fair in Lyon in November this year.

TOGETHER we will continue to develop…

Jon López
General Manager of Hayward® Europe


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