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Commercial Pool Equipments


A dynamic and promising year, 2018 has allowed us to take stock of the appetite on the European market for equipment for commercial pools. In order to meet these market expectations we are actively supported by a well-established brand, Hayward® Commercial Aquatics, and by a range of products that is comprehensive, and above all, premium.

Our range includes fi ltration systems (pumps, filters, white goods) and equipment providing comfort for your pool (sanitization, cleaners, heat pumps, pool surround equipment…), which are in compliance with European standards and able to meet all your requirements.

We believe that constant innovation is the key to maintaining our reputation as a benchmark for quality.

2019 will be a good vintage year for new innovations, with product development focusing on two main themes: safety and home automation.

We are adding to our sanitization range with UV treatment devices (Smart Series). This new range, suitable for commercial pools and spas, guarantees perfectly pure water treated with UV rays. These medium pressure UV lamps generate invisible UVC rays that can destroy bacteria, viruses and algae.

The latest innovation ventures into the realm of home automation.Our AquaRite® HC salt chlorinators and Control Station Panel are equipped with an interactive remote-control Touch Screen, either as standard or as an option, which makes it easy and convenient for the user to access functions on their salt chlorinator and/or their control device.

Richard Lachance
VP International Sales and Marketing

Swimming pool equipment for communities

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