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Who is Hayward ?

Hayward® is one of the main pool equipment manufacturers for residential pools in the world. Our wide product range has pumps, filters, lights, white goods, cleaners, heat pumps and salt electrolysis.

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Our head office is situated in Elisabeth (USA) has 2000 partners on 3 continents.
For nearly 45 years, our product quality is a reference through out the world. Hayward's success is the result of innovative ideas and strategic developments. Over 80 years of innovative products, marketing and expansion, with a department dedicated solely to product quality, have been possible thanks to:

  • - The Smart System : every Hayward® product has been designed to be the best in its field, offering superior performance, reliability and lifespan above and beyond industry standards, with the best energy efficiency and the greatest respect for the environment.
  • - Strategic acquisitions of companies that are leaders in their field. The Hayward® strategy is not about getting big to be big. It is about merging the expertise and renown of leaders in their market. The company's latest acquisition (in 2008) was the leader in Canadian heat pumps: Summit.
  • - The development of new products focused on new technologies and new systems.
  • - Maintaining a high standard of service dedicated to our customers.




Our aim is not only to manufacture pool equipment and accessories. Our goal is to be a unique supplier in the pool business, imagine synergy concepts of manufacturing and distribution so that the pool owner makes the most out of his pool without spending too much time caring for it.

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