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Our priority is the Quality of our products.

Hayward® Pool Europe has inside the factory based in Saint Vulbas near LYON a CE certified laboratory where are performed :

  • - Quality control of our products (all our pumps are tested before being sold).
  • - Performance and conformity tests.
  • - Research and development of new products.

Certification to European standards:

  • All Hayward® inground pool pumps are made in accordance with European standards EN 60335-1 et EN 60335-2-41. They are certified by the TUV.
  • Our 300 W incandescent lights are made according to European Standards EN 60 598-1 et EN 60 598-2. ENEC Certified. The IP of the incandescent lights is IP68.
  • The IP of our deck box is IP477.


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