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Naturally Hayward

The age of the sustainable: eco-pools not ego-pools

Naturally HaywardProtection of the environment is not a new idea at Hayward®. But the Naturally Hayward® concept launched in 2006 is a priority with the development of products that meet strict criteria for saving energy and reducing water consumption and the use of chemicals.
Manufacture is also involved : the longer a product lasts, the more its ecological impact is spread over time. Futhermore, products that last a long time limit the amount of waste going into recycling channels.
All Hayward® products are designed to consume less, last longer and be recycled easily.

Reduce water consumption

The use of our high-capacity cartridge filters means less frequent maintenance and significantly reduces water consumption:cleaning them uses much less water compared to traditional backwashning. Our flagship product: SwimClear™ (cartridge filter)

Save energy

Using our products leads to significant savings on all key equipment:

  • For a consumption of 1kW, our heat pumps return at least 4kW of heat. Our flagship products: SumHeat and EnergyLine Pro heat pumps.
  • Our efficient filter pumps with cartridges generate less energy loss.
    Running 24 hours a day but at a lower rate than traditional pumps, our variable speed pumps use considerably less energy.
    Our flagship products : Super Pump and Max-Flo II® Variable Speed Pump, SwimClear™ (cartridge filter)
  • Our LED lights use approximately 6 times less energy than a normal light. Our flagship product : ColorLogic II®.

Reduire la consommation d'energie

Reduce the use of treatment products

Our salt electrolyser combined with the « Sense & Dispense » module means that your pool only needs to be treated when necessary thanks to accurate dosing.
Our flagship product : AquaRite® Pro.
Aqua Rite Pro


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