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oscar et robert davies

To understand our difference, you have to go back to the origin of the brand.

In 1925, Irving Hayward® is a specialized american steel industrial and creator of Hayward® company.

Oscar Davis acquires Hayward® in 1964 and gives a new orientation and breath to the company. His ingenious idea is particularly innovating for the time, consists in using the plastic components in the manufacturing of pool equipment. A revolution starts…

Hayward® changes the industrial standards and becomes an innovating model, imposing on the market recognized products such as the Pool Vac Ultra®, the Super Pump®, Pro Series filters to mention only a few products.

In the 90’s, Hayward® develops a new concept : the Total System, which proposes to the Pool Owners a complete range of equipment conceived to work together with synergy and reliability. The “Totally Hayward” Synergy has becomed Oscar Davis initial vision of the company.


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