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Hayward Business

Hayward®  products are manufactured and sold through out the world. Whilst using its network through out the States, Canada and Europe, Hayward® is in synergy with distributors and around 3000 pool dealers, members of the Totally Hayward® program to help millions of pool owners.
Hayward® Pool Europe is a subsidiary of Hayward® Group, and sells Hayward® products in all Europe (45 countries).
Our goal is to offer to Pool owners a wide range of equipment and innovating products.

We have the widest range in the market which can be split into 3 separate markets :

  • - Equipment for the building and renovation : pump, filters (sand, DE, cartridges), white goods, lights (incandescent, LED..)
  • - Comfort equipment : pressure , suction, electric cleaners, water treatment (salt electrolysis), heat pumps.
  • - Public pools equipment : commercial cleaners
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